Customize the dawn theme to show image in product page

By Vivek Goyal | 4/24/2024

Sometimes we need to show an image for each of the products of your Shopify store. This can be done by directly adding the image in the product template of the Shopify theme.

Steps to add an image in the product page of Shopify

  1. Login to your Shopify store admin
  2. Upload image in the content section of Shopify
  3. Copy the URL of the uploaded image
  4. Go to the theme and click on customize
  5. Select the product template
  6. Click on add block and select custom.liquid
  7. Add the HTML for the image with the added image URL
  8. Drag the custom.liquid block to the desired location

Using the above steps, an image was added to the product page of Shopify using the Dawn theme.

Sample HTML code to add a custom image in the product page template for Shopify Dawn theme:

<div style="text-align: center;">
    <img height="100"
    src="" />

Here is a sample video to implement the above steps:

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