How to show/hide custom options for your Shopify product

By Vivek Goyal | 3/20/2024

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What are custom options for a Shopify products?

Customs options are additional options created on your Shopify product page which allows your customer to enter their own preference making their choices for the products. This allows the products personalization for your customer which ultimately increases their satisfaction and it also increases your conversion rate. We have previously covered a tutorial on how to add custom options for your Shopify product.

How to Hide/Show custom options for your Shopify product?

Sometimes, we have cases where we want to show custom options based on the values selected for any other option. These conditions can be added for Shopify product using ScalePrint Designer & Variants Shopify app.

  1. Go to Shopify store page and search for "ScalePrint Designer & Variants" app or you can directly the Shopify app page by clicking on this link ScalePrint Designer & Variants.
  2. Install ScalePrint Designer & Variants app for free in your Shopify store.
  3. From the application dashboard, enable to app embed block to complete the installation process
  4. Click "Product Custom Options"
  5. From the Shopify products list, select the product on which you want to add custom options.
  6. Add the required custom options (for details process please follow the document given in the support section)
  7. Go to Conditional logic tab and add the conditional rule.

ScalePrint Designer & Variants offers Image Swatch, Color Swatch, Text box, File Upload, Radio, Checkbox, Date Picker and more.

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