How to Create Customizable Product for Your Shopify Store Product

How to Create Customizable Product for Your Shopify Store Product

Here's a simple breakdown of the customizable product within the ScalePrint Designer & Variants admin panel and your Shopify store:

  1. Step 1: Go to Customizable Products

    Go to Customizable Products into Product Designer.

    Step 1 Image
  2. Step 2: Add A New Customization

    Click on Add a new customization button which is in right upper side then it will open a new window of all of your shopify products.

    Step 2 Image
  3. Step 3: Choose Product

    Choose one of the product which needed to be customize from your product list.

    Step 2 Image
  4. Step 4: Customize Your Product

    After select your product it will open customizable options. Here you can customize your product as your needs.

    Step 3 Image
  5. Step 5: Add Design Area

    Now choose "Set print area" option then it will open a pop-up option where you can provide your design by adjusting width or height of design.

    Step 4 Image
  6. Step 6: More Customize

    In the last you can adjust design area on product then just click on "save" button for save to your design.

    Step 5 Image
  7. Step 7: Preview and Save

    After saving it you can now see a "Go to Preview" option here you can preview it then now a "save" button visible click on it and save your design.

    Step 6 Image Step 6.1 Image
  8. Step 8: Go on Publish Page

    After clicking on save you can see a publish page click on publish button then it will open a popup which will show your product and ask again for publish click on that.

    Step 7 Image
  9. Step 9: Finally Published

    Finally you can a last pop up which is showing that "Product Published" then click on that "OK" . Product is published now.

    Step 8 Image

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